PhysicsQuest and Nikola Telsa visited Kenya

My colleague Chris DiScenza visited Kenya and shared with a classroom, PhysicsQuest 2008: Nikola Tesla and the Electric Fair, the comic/activity book that I illustrated for students read PhysicsQuest 2008

Here’s the flipbook version of Spectra: Issue 2

Here’s an online flip page version of the recent comic.

Spectra heading to Comic Con in 2010

Just got the confirmation that the character that I co-created (with Rebecca Thompson-Flagg),SPECTRA-COVER.0930 “Spectra” the Original Laser Superhero was approved for booth space at next summer’s Comic Con in San Diego:

SPECTRA – The Original Laser Superhero

Working with writer Rebecca Thompson-Flagg, we recently completed PhysicsQuest 2009: SPECTRA – The Original Laser Superhero. Here is a link to the e-book version. SPECTRA E-Book. It also will be uploaded to the website next week.

Spectra cover by Kerry G. Johnson
Spectra cover by Kerry G. Johnson

Look for “Spectra” in September

COMING IN SEPTEMBER: A newly-designed postcard to promote the next edition of PhysicsQuest, an activity/comic book presented by the American Physical Society’s Outreach Department:

Spectra Postcard for APS
Spectra Postcard for APS

Nice blog post about the American Physical Society

The blog “Phasing” wrote a nicely written overview about my employer, the American Physical Society. I work there as the Art Director and Director of Special Publications. Check it out >> The APS is Awesome!