Here’s the flipbook version of Spectra: Issue 2

Here’s an online flip page version of the recent comic.

Caricatures by Kerry: 2009’s top news stories

This caricature illustration2009's top stories by Caricatures by Kerry highlights some of 2009’s top news and entertainment stories. How many do you remember?

Sesame Street comes to APS

At my daytime job as the art director for the American Physical Society, there’s

Johnson family at Sesame St for the Holidays
Johnson family at Sesame St for the Holidays (at the office)
a holiday decorating contest. The publications department’s created a Sesame Street theme. Over the weekend, my family came by and we shot some photos.

Look for “Spectra” in September

COMING IN SEPTEMBER: A newly-designed postcard to promote the next edition of PhysicsQuest, an activity/comic book presented by the American Physical Society’s Outreach Department:

Spectra Postcard for APS
Spectra Postcard for APS

Science! Working for America sticker

I designed a sticker to be used on construction site workers’ hard hats. It also can be used as a vehicle bumper sticker. Regardless of the limited space, the sticker’s powerful message highlights the importance of science, technology and physics in today’s workplace. Photo by Brian Mosley, American Physical Society (

Science! Working for America
Science! Working for America