PhysicsQuest and Nikola Telsa visited Kenya

My colleague Chris DiScenza visited Kenya and shared with a classroom, PhysicsQuest 2008: Nikola Tesla and the Electric Fair, the comic/activity book that I illustrated for students read PhysicsQuest 2008

Physicist takes on superhero role for LaserFest

Spectra, the superhero that I co-created with physicist Rebecca Thompson-Flagg continues to make her media rounds. Here is a link to a story about Spectra’s real life alter-ego that appeared in the American Physical Society’s APS News publication.

Here’s the flipbook version of Spectra: Issue 2

Here’s an online flip page version of the recent comic.

SPECTRA: No. 2 is hot off the presses!

I just completed illustrating the second issue of the SPECTRA comic book series. Here’s a brief description of the educational comic serices: Spectra #2 Cover ArtSix months have passed since Lucinda (AKA Spectra) learned about her powerful laser powers. In SPECTRA #1, Lucinda used those powers to rescue her friends from the clutches of the evil Miss Alignment. Issue #2 is a continuation of that adventure and also provides the reader with some history about the invention of the laser. Written by Rebecca Thompson-Flagg and illustrated by Kerry G. Johnson

Caricatures by Kerry: 2009’s top news stories

This caricature illustration2009's top stories by Caricatures by Kerry highlights some of 2009’s top news and entertainment stories. How many do you remember?

Sesame Street comes to APS

At my daytime job as the art director for the American Physical Society, there’s

Johnson family at Sesame St for the Holidays
Johnson family at Sesame St for the Holidays (at the office)
a holiday decorating contest. The publications department’s created a Sesame Street theme. Over the weekend, my family came by and we shot some photos.

Spectra heading to Comic Con in 2010

Just got the confirmation that the character that I co-created (with Rebecca Thompson-Flagg),SPECTRA-COVER.0930 “Spectra” the Original Laser Superhero was approved for booth space at next summer’s Comic Con in San Diego: