Science! Working for America sticker

I designed a sticker to be used on construction site workers’ hard hats. It also can be used as a vehicle bumper sticker. Regardless of the limited space, the sticker’s powerful message highlights the importance of science, technology and physics in today’s workplace. Photo by Brian Mosley, American Physical Society (

Science! Working for America
Science! Working for America

Nice blog post about the American Physical Society

The blog “Phasing” wrote a nicely written overview about my employer, the American Physical Society. I work there as the Art Director and Director of Special Publications. Check it out >> The APS is Awesome!

Kerry with “Spectra”

Here I am with Spectra. She’s the main character for a comic book I’m illustrating.
src=”″ alt=”Kerry with Spectra (2009)” title=”Kerry and the teen superhero "Spectra"” width=”204″ height=”300″ class=”size-medium wp-image-53″ />[/caption]Kerry and Spectra the "stand-up"