Gift caricature for pharmacist

Recently completed a gift caricature of a pharmacist who is retiring at the end of the July. The bumblebee is his company’s mascot.

Pharamcist reading bumblebee by Kerry G. Johnson
Pharamcist reading bumblebee

Everywhere I go, I “Kerry” a pencil!

Kerry with big PencilLast weekend my family had a great opportunity to pose for some photos from the talented photographer, LaTonya Hines. Visit her site for more information:

Caricatures by Kerry: 2009’s top news stories

This caricature illustration2009's top stories by Caricatures by Kerry highlights some of 2009’s top news and entertainment stories. How many do you remember?

Sesame Street comes to APS

At my daytime job as the art director for the American Physical Society, there’s

Johnson family at Sesame St for the Holidays
Johnson family at Sesame St for the Holidays (at the office)
a holiday decorating contest. The publications department’s created a Sesame Street theme. Over the weekend, my family came by and we shot some photos.

A retirement caricature gift for Judy

Here’s a recent caricature that I illustrated for a co-worker who’s celebrating her retirement from the American Physical Society where I work as the art director.

Judy rides off to retirement
Judy rides off to retirement